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Life Insurance Fraud Detection

for the Digital Age

Accelerate your digital transformation with trust and confidence. Use data and predictive analytics to fight fraud and minimize risk.

Digital Fraud and Risk Mindset

To stay competitive, insurers need to embrace digitization with speed while introducing a continuous adaptive risk and fraud assessment.  Modern fraud tactics are needed to fight against hackers and cybercrime.

Account Takeover

Client login information is stolen to make policy or annuity withdrawals and changes to beneficiary policy information.

Application Fraud

Hackers use stolen identities and credit cards purchased on the dark web to apply and pay for insurance using automated bots.

Claims Fraud

Hackers file false claims.

Fraud Protection across Customer Lifecycle

CleanSheet finds your vulnerabilities and helps you detect, prevent and manage fraud risk – whether it’s at point of sale, during active status, or at claims time.

Decision Support Tools

CleanSheet assesses risks in real time and enables critical underwriting and claims decisions.  Empower your underwriters, claims and SIU teams with unprecedented insight to allow immediate and prioritized actions.

Reduce Fraud Risk and

Focus on Profitable Growth

Detect insurance fraud before policies are issued, ensuring that your portfolio grows profitably. Accelerate sales and penetration into low risk segments with 90% confidence that fraud has been detected accurately.

Unparalleled Fraud Protection and Insight

“MDS techniques will save us $20-50M per year by identifying insurance fraud.”

– An Executive of Top 10 Insurance Carrier

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