The Challenge

Life insurance companies are not ready for the newest generation of insurance fraud. By going digital, carriers open themselves up to digital insurance fraud. Criminals are using technology to commit more insurance fraud faster.
  • Application fraud – Hackers use stolen identities and credit cards purchased on the dark web to apply and pay for insurance using automated bots.
  • Claims fraud – Hackers file false claims.
  • Account takeover – Client login information is stolen to make policy or annuity withdrawals and beneficiary policy information.

Industry 1st Solution

ThreadConnect solves these problems by combining Deep Learning with fraud detection expertise in life insurance and e-Commerce, providing real time, frictionless fraud prevention and detection for the customer and insurance company.

Grow revenue without risk

  • Issue more good business, improve profitability, increase the speed of underwriting and decrease mortality
  • Leverage powerful fraud risk assessments to thoroughly identify your unforeseen fraud risk
  • Exploit new insights from insurance and e-Commerce companies gleaned from our global fraud model
Fraud Insights

Simply upload your test data to start finding fraud and gaining insights

Customize Your Pilot

  • Screen active or historical applications
  • Screen contestable policies
  • Screen active or historical claims


  • Free for Alpha version of ThreadConnect on AWS for 60 days – Limited to 3 companies
  • $10,000-$100,000 for subsequent versions
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Credit toward future service will be provided
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